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Develop the virtual reality of the company with the help of VR companies


The rates for the development of VR applications vary from country to country, and each of the VR companies is also slightly different rates depending on the kind of service for the customer. For example, he appreciates regular customers who offer additional bonuses and discounts. However, rates for the development of VR applications vary depending on the place of residence of the VR companies you are working with.


In the United States and Canada, the fee is 40-240 USD per hour in Western Europe 40- $ 180. In Eastern Europe 25-70 USD, in India – 5-70 USD. Sample rates below this price for the device ideal for activities related to virtual reality, and which enjoy incredible popularity. These are price lists from here depending on the location may vary.


Vr companies gear

Vr companies gear prices

Virtual Reality Headset by NSInew – Over 30 VR Apps $32.99
Ultra-light 3D Movies/Games VR Immersive Virtual Reality Headset $23.99
3D VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses $49.99
3D VR Headset,Hamaxa 360° Virtual Reality Glasses $59.99
3D VR Glasses, YESSHOW 3D Virtual Reality Headset Box for Mobile Phone VR Games and 3D Movie $49.99

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